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The 2020 Annual Palette Competition will be held
in February - subject "My Favourite Things"

Every year the Hunts Art Group hold a members' competition for the Palette Trophy. Members bring along one work of art based on the selected theme for the year. These are usually judged by a local professional artist at our meeting in the early part of the year when the artist provides an interesting and informative critique of the submitted works before selecting the winner. We hope the subject will be interpreted in a variet of ways.

The winner of the 2019 competition was Tracey Dilorenzo with her watercolour entitles 'Space (on a train)' - everyone loved the characters sitting on a London Underground train with one space left between them.

The 2018 winner was one of our newest members, Caroline Cleghorn, with her painting of Syrian refugees. See picture below which shows the judge with the trophy and Caroline holding her winning entry. Runners up were John Burton with his abstract picture inspired by a blue mug and an apple and Jennifer Horn with her seacape inspired by the shades of blue in the seas around Cornwall. This year the competition entries were of very varied styles and subjects under the theme "Blue" including a blues saxophone player in acrylics, a delicate watercolour of a ballet dancer and a turquoise blue mixed media abstract vortex.

The winner in February 2017, was Brian Duck. His attractive watercolour of a trout ideally interpreted the theme "Aquatic World." The 2016 winnier was Gill Harwood with her picture inspired by the book "The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams, first published in 1922.

In 2015 the winner was Jennifer Horn with her acrylic on canvas painting of a barn owl, it's white feathers catching the moonlight in a shadowy corner of a field. The judge was John Storey. The winner of the 2014 competition, subject "snow", was John Burton with his atmospheric oil painting inspired by a snow covered garden. The entries were judges by Teresa Gabriel. The subject of the 2013 competition was "WOOD". The entries were judged by John Dillistone. The winner was Stepahie Robertson with her watercolour painting of a woodland. The theme for the 2012 competition was "Water" and the entries were also judged by John Dillistone. The winner was Gill Harwood with her unusual interpretaion of the theme - a beautifully painted watercolour of a fire hydrant sign. 2011 Palette Competition: The theme was "Entrances" won by Jennifer Horn with her watercolour painting of a Tawny Owl entitled "My Gate." 2010 Palette Competition: The theme for the 2010 competition was "Rubbish"won by Gill Harwood with her delicately coloured watercolour of the River Ouse (complete with discarded shopping trolley).


Palette competition winner 2019

2019 winner 'Space (on a train)' by Tracey Dilorenzo

Picture that won Palette Competition 2016

Gill Harwood's painting, winner of the 2016 Palette Competition

Palette Competition winner 2018

2018 winner Caroline Cleghorn with judge Brian Barnes
Jennifer Horn and John StoneJennifer Horn, winner of the 2015 Palette Competition being presented with the trophy by John Storey.
Winner of 2013 Palette CompetitionStephanie Robertson with her winning Painting in the 2013 Palette Competition.
John Burton being presented with the winner's prize by Teresa Gabriel
John Burton, winner of the 2014 Palette Competition being presented with the trophy by Teresa Gabriel.
Gill Harwood being presented with palette trophy by John DillistoneGill Harwood, winner of the 2012 Palette Competition being presented with the trophy by John Dillistone.


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